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Family can include your partner (spouse, fiancé(e), civil or unmarried partner), your parent or child. Applications for entry clearance are made from outside the UK while extensions and switching would typically occur from within the UK. We can help you to apply from inside or outside the UK depending on your circumstances.



Family of a Settled Person Visa


You will need a ‘family of a settled person’ visa if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and you want to join, for 6 months or more, a partner or family member who’s living in the UK permanently.


Family/Marriage Visitor


Family Visitor visas are required for visa nationals that intend to stay shorter than 6 months in the UK. A Marriage or Civil Partnership Visitor visa will be required for a stay of less than 6 months when you intend to get married to a British or UK settled partner or if your partner is not from the UK, Switzerland or EEA, and not settled in the UK.


Spouse/Partner Visa


This visa is for spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners and same-sex partners of British citizens/UK permanent residents (those with indefinite leave to remain). You can also 'switch' into this category from e.g. a Tier 4 Student visa, Tier 1 visa, Tier 2 work visa, ancestral and other non-visitor visas. It is the natural next step after a Fiancé(e) visa when married.

There have been significant changes to this application since 9th July 2012. Initial clearance is given for 2.5 years, where an extension can be applied for an additional 2.5 years and then permanent residency may be available after 5 years.

It is important that you can prove that you and your Partner/Spouse have been living together for 2 years in addition to other requirements like income threshold. It is critical to submit a complete and sufficient application first time. Ryan Immigration will assist you with all of your documentary evidence and make sure your application is complete therefore giving you the best chance of success.


Fiancé(e) Visa


This is an application for entry clearance to the UK as the Fiancé(e) of a British citizen or settled person in the UK, with an intention of getting married (or register as a civil partnership) within 6 months and to subsequently settle in the UK. The applicant and the sponsor do not need to show that they were living together before the application.

This visa is granted for 6 months within which time you should get married to fulfill the visa requirements. Then you can move on to applying for a Spouse/Partner visa, giving an additional 2.5 years, after which an extension may be available for another 2.5 years and permanent residency (ILR) may be attained after 5 years.


EU Related or Ancestry Visa


If the family member in the UK is an EU national then EU specific applications may be required. Have a look at our EU/EEA related information. If you are a Commonwealth citizen and one of your grandparents was born in the UK then an ancestry visa will be relevant.


Note: our online UK immigration platform is particularly designed to enable family members to work together with their Ryan Immigration dedicated adviser. This is a highly useful feature and can make the whole application and document preparation much more efficient. Essentially we collaborate in a group setting where we can chat, share documents and set events. Ryan Immigration is your best choice for initial applications, document reviews through to extensions and settlement.


Contact Ryan Immigration if you are looking to join your partner in the UK, you are engaged, you want to get married in the UK, you want to bring your children to the UK, you want to join your parents in the UK, you want to visit your family in the UK, you want to come to the UK to look after your child or you need to come to the UK to be cared for as an adult dependent relative. We can also help you deal with your immigration status during bereavements, separation, and divorce.




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