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Your UK immigration status can result in you qualifying to apply for indefinite leave to remain (UK settlement) when certain requirements are met. Settling means you can stay in the UK without any time restrictions. Contact Ryan Immigration as early as possible if you wish to settle in the UK no matter if you are currently inside or outside the UK.

If you have not used our service before and you are considering applying for settlement or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) then we suggest you fill in an assessment form, so we can have a look to see if you qualify through meeting specific requirements. We can discuss various qualifying criteria such as absence accumulation (and is it within the limits), assessing if you will pass the points test and do you satisfy any existing maintenance requirements.





Applications for ILR can be made within 28 days of the end of a 'qualifying period'. A qualifying period is a period of continuous residency in the UK, where lawful living is expected. This period is most often 5 years. Applicants aged between 18 and 65 have to pass a Life in the UK Test. Applicants also have to satisfy an English language requirement unless this has been met in other ways.

Rules are changed, added or modified from time to time so it is best to seek our assistance. Doing so is the surest way of knowing you will qualify and this will also give your application the best chance of success.




Dependants (spouse/partner and children under 18) can be included for ILR consideration within the main applicant's application. Family members can only be included if they hold a dependent visa e.g. Tier 2 dependant. A dependant spouse of a PBS visa holder only qualifies to make an ILR application once he/she has lived in the UK with the main applicant for at least 5 years on a dependant visa (issued after July 9th, 2012).

The children of PBS migrants can only make a successful ILR application when both parents are applying for ILR, or a parent has it and the other is applying. If this child was born in the UK then when both parents are settled and have ILR the child could be registered as British.


1. Tier 1 (General)
The deadline for applications for ILR within this category is April 2018. Extensions will not be available from April 2015. You can generally qualify having spent 5 years continuous residency in the UK (some other visas held can count towards this). Please contact us for advice and options if you are in this category.

2. Spouses/Partners
Spouses/Partners of British citizens/UK permanent residents can apply for ILR after 5 years if the first Spouse/Partner visa was issued after July 9th, 2012.

3. Work Permit & Tier 2
You can generally qualify for ILR application after having spent 5 years continuous residency in the UK (some other visas held can count towards this). If a spouse of a Work Permit holder has a separate Work Permit visa then he/she must also apply separately for ILR.

4. Ancestral Visa
Holders of this visa need to have spent at least 5 continuous years living and working in the UK on this visa only i.e. time spent on other visas doesn't count.

5. Long Residence
The key here is to have lived continuously and lawfully in the UK for a 10 year period.

6. European/Swiss Citizens
European and Swiss citizens can apply for ILR after 5 years living in the UK when they have spent their time as a worker, a student, a retiree, a self-sufficient person or self-employed (or a combination of these).

7. Turkish (Self-employed)
Turkish nationals that are self-employed in line with the EC Association Agreement can be granted ILR after 4 years in the UK unless there are grounds for maintaining time limits.

8. Humanitarian Protection
 Apply for ILR within 28 days before current visa expires (holders of 5-year visa under humanitarian protection). A Life in The UK Test needs to be passed.




Are you ready to start? Simply contact us or go ahead and fill in a no-obligation and free assessment form.


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