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Ryan Immigration specialises in family related UK immigration. We have experience in successfully applying for UK Fiancé(e) visas. This is an application for entry clearance to the UK as the Fiancé(e) of a British citizen or settled person in the UK, with an intention of getting married (or register as a civil partnership) within 6 months and to subsequently settle in the UK. The applicant and the sponsor do not need to show that they were living together before the application.



This UK visa is granted for 6 months within which time you should get officially married in order to fulfill the requirements of the visa. After marriage, you can move on to applying for a Spouse/Partner visa from within the UK. This will gain an additional 2.5 years, after which an extension may be available for another 2.5 years and permanent residency (ILR) may be attained after 5 years.

Ryan Immigration can help you to successfully apply for your UK Fiancé(e) visa. We can give you and your fiancé(e) advice about this visa, the process and whether you will qualify. We can help compiling your supporting documents and supply you with a professional cover letter to accompany your application. Contact us via a Contact Form or fill in the very useful Visa Assessment Form.


Service summary:


We a regulated and professional UK immigration service. We provide initial advice and guidance about this visa. A dedicated UK immigration advisor will help you to fill in your application and provide a list of required supporting documents. Additional documents may be required in order to strengthen your case and will be suggested to you by your advisor. Ryan Immigration will write a professional cover letter on company headed paper to accompany your application for your UK Fiancé(e) visa.




Are you ready to start? Simply contact us or go ahead and fill in a no-obligation and free assessment form.


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